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Tops Bissy Tea Pack of 3

Tops Bissy Tea Pack of 3

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Introduce Tops Bissy Tea Pack of 3, a bundle of 3 packs of the popular Bissy Tea. This all-natural tea is known for its numerous health benefits, including aiding digestion and promoting relaxation. Enjoy the convenience and value of having 3 packs at your disposal for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

  • Pack of 3 Tops Bissy (Kola Nut) Herbal Tea 24 tea bags each box. Jamaica Made.
  • Bissy (Kola Nut) came to the Caribbean from Africa. It an important part of Jamaican culture, heritage and folklore. It is an important item in the food cupboard. This product is another unique Jamaican tea. Please enjoy and share with you friends.
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