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Lion Brand

Pholourie Mix Instant 10.6oz by Lion Brand Pack 3

Pholourie Mix Instant 10.6oz by Lion Brand Pack 3

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  • Easily create delicious traditional Caribbean snacks with Pholourie Mix Instant by Lion Brand. Simply mix with water, fry and serve hot for a tasty appetizer or snack. Each pack includes 10.6oz, making 3 packs in total. Treat yourself and your family to a taste of the islands with this convenient and flavorful mix.

  • Pack of 3 Pholourie Mix by Lion Brand 10.6oz each package.

  • Pholourie is a snack food eaten mostly in Trinidad and Tobago but also know in Guyana and the surrounding. Serve Pholourie with Mango Dip or Kuchela. A Guyanese favorite!
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