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Beta Flava

Beta Flava (Ocho Rios) Chicken Seasoning Pack of 3

Beta Flava (Ocho Rios) Chicken Seasoning Pack of 3

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  • Enhance the flavor of your chicken with the Beta Flava (Ocho Rios) Chicken Seasoning pack of 3. Made from a special blend of spices and herbs, this seasoning pack adds a delicious and authentic taste to your dishes. Elevate your cooking and treat your taste buds with this must-have seasoning.

  • Pack of 3 Beta Flava (Ocho Rios Miami rebranding) Chicken Seasonings 6oz plastic bottles

  • Real Caribbean Chicken seasoning - the reason why you will enjoy chicken most. Use 1 heap tsp per 1lb of poultry or meat. Delicious with rice, soups. on pasta or vegetables.

  • Great Taste - Make some of the best meals with this bundle! Ocho Rios Miami has rebranded their famous seasoning. Same great taste and ingredients!
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