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Beta Flava

Beta Flava Mild Jerk Seasoning Pack of 1

Beta Flava Mild Jerk Seasoning Pack of 1

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  • Introducing Beta Flava's Mild Jerk Seasoning, the perfect blend of herbs and spices for a mild yet flavorful addition to any dish. Made with all natural, high-quality ingredients, this seasoning pack of 1 will add a touch of Caribbean flavor to your meals without overwhelming your taste buds. Enjoy a taste of the islands with every sprinkle!

  • Pack of 1 Beta Flava (Ocho Rios brand) Mild Jerk Seasoning 5 oz.

  • Jerk like a pro, enjoy without the burn! Flavor, None Nice-Ah than Beta Flava.

  • Usage: Rub in 1 heap tsp. per lb. of meat of fish. Grill, Bake of BBQ. Sprinkle in soups, gravy or salads.
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